New mods, upcoming changes, feedback, etc



I and Elmyr are the new moderators for this part of the forums, in the next few weeks we will start cleaning it up and make some changes...

If you have any ideas for the External Sites Discussion forum this thread is the place to post them.

What is currently planned:
1) DONE Clean up Abandoned scripts to actually be a list of apparently abandoned scripts (with links to their original threads)
2) DONE Add a sticky: Bug/Help bucket - for those who can't figure out what script / thread to post in (or if the script/site/etc doesn't have a dev-thread on these forums), this thread will be used as a bucket and the posts moved to their corresponding threads (if any - otherwise they will be allowed to run for a while and then made into a FAQ-item for the following thread)
3) DONE Add a sticky: FAQ, for frequently asked questions.
4) DONE Unsticky The West stats and instead provide a sticky with info on a selection of sites/scripts that are known to work and are allowed.
5) Organizing code-jams, making tutorials and other more community building events.

Happy coding/benefiting,

ps. when I mod I try to use the green color as to keep the mod-posts separate from my personal posts...
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