New kind of Fort Fights


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Fort Fights Wuhuuu :-D
Well first of, you players are so darn fast, cant even make 1 fort fight without you running to it :-D
Anyway, as you have surely seen by now i have tried something new.

The next upcoming fort fight will ONLY be for adventures and duellers. And for both sides.
As always there will be rewards to both sides no matter the winners or looser.
But since so many of you have wanted to play, i have come up with this solution to see if it could work in "reducing" the attendance to the fights, or at least even it out for said classes.

This will also be a way of maybe change the rewards giving, and making them more character specific. As an adventurer, you might not need a duel motivation buff, but more a luck drop chance buff ;-)
So with this, a first battle test. I hope you like it, and please give me all your feedback you can, this way i can cater and chance stuff in the future to maybe make more weekly-ish fort fights.

Thank you again, great players
Community Manager: Hr. Nyborg​