New Glomp Set


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Someone suggested that I make this suggestion... and then I was dared and triple dared... so here goes. :p

We need a GLOMP set.

Current Workaround
Well anyone can glomp... Some do more than others. Doesn't matter what they wear... But we gotta be different!

We'd like a GLOMP set that includes the following bonuses:
- +400 GLOMP
- +10 to Praying per GLOMP initiated by the person wearing the GLOMP set.
- +10 to Praying per GLOMP received by someone wearing the GLOMP set.
- Yes, if both people are wearing the GLOMP set, they get +20 to Praying!
- +10 Charisma
- +10 Appearance

Abuse Prevention
There should be a max limit of +100 Praying to keep the abuse low.

Visual Aids
Some kind of weird Western-Anime mashup for the outfit would work... We already have odd things like bunny suits. I'll leave the details to Inno-vision. ;)

I believe many would like to have the GLOMP set to assist with their ability to GLOMP and be GLOMPED.

Does this idea meet the Ideas Guidelines & Criteria? Maybe
Does this idea appear on any of the Previously Suggested Ideas List? Doubt it lol :D


would be a interesting set if you add : - 1(minus 1 that is) crit in the next fortbattle for every 10 GLOMPS you receive/given wearing the GLOMP set with a max of 3 crits deducted in that fort fight, the bonus is lost after that battle :D

Kidd Kalypso

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I fully support this set, and will send it straight away to the Devs in charge. No need for voting in this case. Happy Glomping.


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LMAO! I love the support for this set! :D

I'd be happy to help with ideas for the GLOMP Quest... And yes, HUGGLES are part of the start of the quest... Then upgrade to GLOMPS. I could be part of the quest... They have to exchange GLOMPS with me to complete the set. I'm on all .net worlds and both Betas, so it could work... lol :p


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i go to lots of conventions, and even tho i'm always the "old guy" (cosplay old male characters), i'm also the "glomp guy", so i have a lot of experience with that particular interaction. uy my back!

looking into it