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There will be a two week period available to vote. (May be extended if needed.)

If the idea wins 80% of the vote, it is sent to the developers who will respond with feedback and the idea will be linked in the ideas passed to developers.
If it loses the vote by not attaining more than 79.99%, it will be moved to the archives. The idea will then be placed on the list of items to not post again.

Original thread can be found <HERE>.

Proposal: Create a new and improved collection set
Current workaround: N/A, there is only one collection set even though new items were added. Players that do not have the set from before the last update need to collect all the new items as well.
Details:Create a new and improved set that will only be available only if you collect all items. The new set will replace the old set once all the items (new items) have been collected. Players without the "old" set can get the old set if they collect the previously required items but once all the itemes have been collected, the new set will replace the old set (new being better).


This proposal has failed to reach the 80% pass mark and will be rejected.

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