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Discussion in 'Briscoe County Recruitment' started by CapitanCaveman, Jul 24, 2012.

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  1. I am CapitanCaveman I am a lvl 11 builder and I started a fresh town in Briscoe.
    I am hoping also some new players want to experience building a town from the ground up which i found to be one of the most interesting aspects of the game.
    I would like builders and soldiers but of course anyone who would like to join is welcome as well. The name of the town is Staley. mssg me in game if interested.
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  2. I am now lvl 20 we have established all buildings in town now just leveling them up not bad work for one builder for one week but to keep progressing need more town members.
    I know the more experienced players are not interested i am hoping new players will be interested in this ground up development

    Oh and to whomever gave me a reputation knock for being a noob i don't understand everyone is new at some point in time nobody starts off being an expert in anything. In fact i stated that i was a "noob" in my post just trying to play the aspect of the game i thought was most interesting
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  3. Update we are now a medium sized town we have 9 members but of course expansion is still a necessity we are still heavily recruiting.