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These ideas come from the minor ideas thread. We shall not be voting on these ideas, as that would be to time consuming. However if you have any last minute suggestions or criticisms here is the place to voice them. Otherwise these ideas shall be presented to the developers like any other idea unless there are any comments stating why they shouldn't.

Please note some of the posts were modified to include comments that were posted and I also reformatted/reworded posts to meet posting guidelines.

Ive made a notation in the minor ideas where Minor Ideas #8 stops and Minor Ideas #9 will begin. So keep submitting.

Please state the # of any idea you do or don't like:

Details of idea: For the market you should be able to sort what your towns people are selling..
Proposal: TOWN MARKET CANCEL AUCTION of items you posted, early.

Idea: A way to cancel an auction item, UNLESS there are already bids on the item.

Additional: Allow for editing and put a note on items... otherwise you may forget what you sold without a note.
Additional: Allow for also changing weather the item is for town, alliance, everyone.
Proposal: Make the marker for what page you are on in the reports just a little darker.

Idea: Pretty simple, I don't know if it's a huge problem or if it's just me but the marker of what page I'm on for my reports/telegrams is very light, kinda hard to find.

Details: Just shade it a little darker of the color then it already is or perhaps a different color; so it is easier to glance at what page you are on.

Visual aid: I am not very good with these, but here it is.
Currently it looks like this:


Conclusion Summary:
I just thought I would put it out there, this is not the first time I was going through my records of reports and was having trouble distinguishing what page I was on, causing me to (quite often I admit) go the opposite of my intended direction, or too far when looking into past reports/telegram.

Also submitted just awhile ago, was trying to get in before Thanksgiving to give ya a bit more hope... :laugh::hmf:

Change the text on the job hunting for turkeys from....
"A turkey almost walks into you. You should be able to find a lot in the forest."
"As you cut through the forest you hear turkeys cackling somewhere in the bushes. With some patience you just might find one large enough for a banquet.."
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me neither :). 2nd one's really good actually.

i dont know if this is possible but could you give us some idea about how much time it would take for the ideas that are passed by the developers to be implemented? :unsure:
i mean for major changes also


1. would be great to have

2. not needed actually because you can buy the item yourself and put it back on the market (unless there wasn't a max price set) - let's say I'm neutral to this suggestion, won't complain if it's added or not

3. awsome!


When I submitted this minor Idea I was thinking of the color being not quite so "intense" I don't want it to be annoying, just more obvious than it currently is... but with that said, submit it however you'd like, I think the way you have it is much better than the way it is.
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