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These ideas come from the minor ideas thread. We shall not be voting on these ideas, as that would be to time consuming. However if you have any last minute suggestions or criticisms here is the place to voice them. Otherwise these ideas shall be presented to the developers like any other idea.

Please note some of the posts were modified to include comments that were posted and I also reformated/reworded posts to meet posting guidelines.

These minor ideas come from the first few pages of the thread, so don't give up hope if your idea hasn't made it here! So here's the list:


Idea title: Fort's Battle History 'Fix'.

Details of idea: Currently you can click on any fort and click on the graveyard to see a history of all fort battles that have occurred there in the past 6 months. What is very misleading is that any towns that have had their name changed, or even gone abandoned, and then been taken by someone else, with a new name, appear to have been the one's who attacked/defended in previous fort battles. I would like to see the original towns name there if possible.

Does it meet the guidelines?: Yes/No

Has the idea been posted before?: Yes/No

Reasons for submitting: Forts are becoming more and more a diplomatic point of interest, both for 'claiming' territory, and forging, and in some cases, breaking alliances or NAP's or whatever. I've had several scenarios on one of my worlds, where other players have accused me/my town of initiating fort battles on people and 'stealing' forts, just because the previous town that owned it, abondoned by our alliance at some point, now appears to be unrelated to us. When in actual fact we were only taking back what was once ours.
Idea title: Revision/Changes to the e-mail system
Details of idea: This idea is to make things on The West such as password recovery and e-mail validation simpler. A captcha and/or security question could be introduced in the event that someone forgot their password or they are somehow unable to receive the official validation e-mail. A link or the name of the system message e-mail address The West uses would also be a good addition.
Visual Aid: None.
Does it meet the guidelines?: Yes/No
Has the idea been posted before?: Yes/No
Reasons for submitting: Some e-mail and/or Internet services have shoddy spam filters, which automatically deletes important e-mails such as activation e-mails or password recovery e-mails. It does this because the spam filter is not smart enough and it apparently "thinks" such important e-mails as these are spam when they are not. This happened to me once and it also very recently happened to my friend, and she had to start her game all over simply because she was unable to receive her validation e-mail due to the shoddy AOL or should I say AOHell spam filter.


Idea Title: Experience Ranking Link in Player's Profile

Details of idea: Some players, as we all know have difficult to remember names and typing those in the rankings can be a hassle, so why not just put an link in the player's profile that directs to show him in the experience ranks???

How it works: If you click the rankings link in the player's profile, that opens the Rankings screen, with the player's name and position in the experience ranks shown highlighted. Then if you click the Duel ranks, that shows the player's position in the duel ranks, if you click the Towns rank, that shows his town's position in the ranks but if he doesn't have a town, it directs you to your own town's ranking. Clicking the Skills ranking should only show the top 15 players and your own rankings. And the Hall of fame will only show the Hall of Famers.

Visual Aid:

Idea title: Banking Fees and the Treasury.

Details of idea: Whenever I bank my money, a small portion goes to the treasury as a fee. Well this should be counted towards everyone's contribution to the town. So, the fees I pay should be marked as (My ingame name) contributions in the "Town Treasury" table in Town Hall/Residents.

Idea Title: Changing what the Confederate Flag product looks like

Details of idea: The Confederate flag in the game looks like this

... but it should look something like this

Reason: This Confederate flag version is more symbolic and also much more iconic.

Idea title: Fort Traitor privileges
Details of idea: When you select someone as a traitor he doesn't take part in the battle but he can see the chat where you plan everything and can see where the players stand. He shouldn't be able to see both or it's a useless rank. You may say that if the fort isn't full he will take part in the battle, but even in that case, the chat is to help the generals, so he shouldn't be able at least to see the chat.
Does it meet the guidelines?: Yes
Has the idea been posted before?: No
Reasons for submitting: it was submitted in the greek forums and it is just common sense.
Town founders should receive a game report when their town is invited to a shared forum.
Currently, even in the brand new 1.27, the job length defaults to 10 minutes. The default should be 2 hours.
Currently, even in the brand new 1.27, the town info display defaults to true. The correct should be false. (This is the info that pops up and covers the bank and the church every time you open your town display.)
Currently, even in the brand new 1.27, the town hotel has no idea which room you will want to book, even though they're all free. The correct setting is the best room available.

Minor change proposal - Since the 1.27 upgraded the fort battles now show a lot of good info, however I suggest changing the time for fort battles to go back to showing our local time and not server time.
Being on a spot in real life at a certain time is critical for fort battles, i can see myself doing math to be sure I'm there at the right time and being off by an hour and getting yelled at cause I wasn't there to general a battle.
They use to have this feature so it shouldn't be too hard to recode.

Idea title: Duels in Queue linked to player in question, not just the location.
Details of idea: I want my duels in queue to show WHO it is I have in queue. Now, with 4 duels queued all I know is I have 4 duels queued and how far I have to walk (and which town it's in), but have no idea WHO it is I'm hitting 2nd, 3rd or 4th. Unless I missed something, this needs to be fixed soon; we used to have that prior to the update! I often queue up some duels while I still have a little sleep left, and when I log back in later I have no idea who I queued up to see if they're still awake, if they have the same gear on, etc...
Does it meet the guidelines?: Heck Yea
Has the idea been posted before?: Couldn't find it, lazy eye and all
Reasons for submitting: Absolutely enhances the gameplay

Should be a simple fix so let's hope it's coming. And yeah, yeah, my memory sucks but come on, humor me!


This is a little more builder specific, but when constructing buildings in town or fort, could we a get a hover link that shows which building we have queued. I like to level a building with 100% motivation and I don't want to mistake what I have left to build.
I only have so many braincells left, and I tend to forget what I am building in my queue.

Idea title: Allow town members to classed as "Visitor"
Details of idea: We all get shopping requests and more or less let everyone shop in our towns. However, we all also probably wonder about spies wanting to read our forums. If we have a way of classing town members, like we already have for Counselor and Founder, we could simply designate them as Visitor and as such they'd have no access to our forums.
Does it meet the guidelines?: Yes
Has the idea been posted before?: Not that I know of
Reasons for submitting: Enhances the gameplay

Some guys like to stay greenhorn long after level 10 because of the speed bonus.

How about just changing the picture for a level 10 greenhorn? Because the current one looks like a cross-eyed maniac. Make it a generic cowboy of some sort.

And give him a generic label, such as "dilettante" or "drifter."

Leveling up as a result of winning a fort battle -> Health should go up to full. Currently you only go to full energy, but health is usually low after a battle and it is not being reset like usual when leveling up.
If leveling when winning a duel, it is being reset.

No reason to be penalized when winning the battle is my opinion.

Minor idea
When in the Store, your inventory has a mouse over to show the value of the 1 item to sell, if the item is stacked then add a 2nd line to include total value of the entire stack if sold.

Example: I have 5 oil and I want to sell them all but I want to know how much they all will sell for if sold now.

#16 Medal idea
How about a medal for staying overnight in every square on a world. I've done this on w10 during duelling walkabouts.
Possible Premium feature for premium worlds:
well since no one really liked my other ideas, i will try another one. how about using premium nuggets to make the time shorter while switching towns? i just left my town to join another and it said wait 2 hours, then i bought something and want to leave but its 4 hours now. with some amount of premium nuggets, you can shorten that time. this would help the people who go from town to town for shopping and want to do it quickly.
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I believe these four ideas should be excluded:

#4 is already (partially) implemented with the update 1.27, you don't see each small amount in the log listed as your contribution, but it adds to your total money contributed

#13 would be a disaster if changed, this game lacks of humor pretty much, both greenhorn pics are at least twisted humor

#14 is meddling with the game balance, if someone needs a full HP on levelup he should not go to a fort fight but to a duel/job.

#16 another useless medal? hell, no!

Other ideas numbered here are awsome.


I actually like numbers 3,7,8,9,10,11,12,14,15,16

Not bad ideas guys keep it up. I don't think the confederate flag is necessary but it wouldn't hurt me either.


i read them and i like them all
#16 is good for players who like to collect medals like in one world i do. and i think dev. should include more medals that are hard to earn.

Sycho Man

#14 should not be done it would make too much of a difference in the game

say one big alliance is defending and another attacking (a big fort and both sides are full) say the attackers win now theres 140 attackers with full hp and 120 defenders that are KO'ed then the attackers have another attack right after that it would be a disaster

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#14 should not be done it would make too much of a difference in the game

say one big alliance is defending and another attacking (a big fort and both sides are full) say the attackers win now theres 140 attackers with full hp and 120 defenders that are KO'ed then the attackers have another attack right after that it would be a disaster
Just to clarify we are saying that the people who level up only get a full health refill. Its not like 140 people are all going to level up at the same time. Loosers yes sad to say you were ko'd and you will loose your health/energy... but for the winners who get the energy refill they should get a health boost was my thoughts.

I've even heard of people saying that they came into a battle with 1280/1800 hp and did not get hit at all and when they left the battle they leveled and didnt get their health bonus. That is a bug.
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