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Military ranks

Military ranks should be implemented due to having too much town hats results in having too much generals in a single battle and thus making it hard for onliners to get into battle as generals can't be deranked.

Idea title: Implement military ranks with some new ranks and adjust their functions
Details of idea:
-General [on attacking side player who dig a battle, on defence all black hats from owner town, can rank others to that position or derank them]
-Captain [all black hats of attacking town and all black hats from co-owner towns]
-Lieutenant [can set topic, give rank, all grey hat of attacking or defending town]
-Sergeant [movement priority over privates- for blockers and special missions]
-Private [anyone who join battle get that rank, allowed to talk in fort chat]
[get last into battle, allowed to talk in fort chat]
-Traitor [don't see chat, also is not allowed to talk in it]
Visual Aid:

Reasons for submitting: It has happened before that town with 20+ hats, has dug on a fort and thus attacking side had more than twenty generals from which more than half wasn't online and thus other players who were online didn't get into battle as generals can't be deranked.


This idea has passed the vote and will be sent off to the dev's.
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