Merging Worlds

Tick ALL of the following you agree to:

  • I wouldn't mind fort data being lost.

    Votes: 77 55.8%
  • I would be concerned if fort data was lost.

    Votes: 36 26.1%
  • I want town & alliance data to be kept where possible.

    Votes: 58 42.0%
  • I prefer town & alliance data to be reset.

    Votes: 35 25.4%
  • I currently play more than seven worlds.

    Votes: 14 10.1%
  • I currently play seven or less worlds.

    Votes: 99 71.7%
  • I am happy for my character(s) to be deleted and XP and inventories transferred.

    Votes: 53 38.4%
  • I am happy for my character(s) to be deleted to receive a bonus for other worlds.

    Votes: 35 25.4%
  • I am not happy for my character to be deleted at all.

    Votes: 55 39.9%
  • I agree the merging of worlds should be a development priority.

    Votes: 74 53.6%
  • I agree with or do not mind the notion of merging worlds.

    Votes: 76 55.1%
  • I disagree with the notion of merging worlds.

    Votes: 19 13.8%

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Premature. Merging won't happen any time soon and who knows what the worlds will look like by the time it does.


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Instead of trying to reinvent the wheel...just do what other games do and provide compensation to those that lose a character during a merge.

1.) Allow the player to determine which one character they would like to keep.

2.) Compensate them for each character being deleted, with nuggets, based upon the level of the character being deleted. Say 10 nuggets per level as an example.

3.) Merge the worlds already.