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Script Version: 2.1
Works on Version: 1.30[/box]

Not all of this code is original! Most of the core functions come from crni.adjah and Shulik, with special mention to kankalin for contributing some cool and important custom code too :) I merely compiled the elements and added the convenient button :p

The script will run on the latest version of FireFox and Greasemonkey. I also tested in on Chrome, but it didn't seem to work at all...
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The West Team
This is the error chrome gives:

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'setJSHTML' of undefined

Looks like something isn't defined properly.

Anyway, what was the bug of doom? :D


Ah, a very minor detail in the coding, but it sort of broke every menu that used the old style round tab buttons :p Is fixed now :)

I'll try see what's causing that error JSHTML error...


its work well for firefox

before i use this script for town mass mail :

javascript:var tab;var allTables=document.getElementsByTagName('table');for(var j=0;j<allTables.length;j++){if(allTables[j].className=='citizen_table'){tab=allTables[j];break;}}var anchors=tab.getElementsByTagName('a');var names='';for(var i=0;i<anchors.length;i++){if(names==''){names=anchors.innerHTML;}else{names=names+'; '+anchors.innerHTML;}}'messages',{addressee:names});

and now i dont need use copy/paste every time :D
tanx diggo


Updated the script to allow ranked generals and captains to mass mail their side at any time before a fort battle :)

Haven't figured out why Chrome thinks that "property" is undefined still...

EDIT: Fixed bug where the button duplicated itself every time it was clicked.
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Dont know what happened to my thread. Said something about the mods having a look at it and then puff.

With the game having these functionality already. I requested a script that would create a world mass mail.

something like for intx = 0 to player.count - 1
telegram.thingamajingy = writeln(player(intx).name) + ","
or preferabbly playername.txt = writeln(player(intx).name) + _&

ok <wipes sweat from brow> having done all the hard work. can someone write the rest of it.:D:D:D
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