Mark McCormick

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I'm a field cook.

Does anyone have the recipes for "A fish wrapped in newspaper" or "Brew goulash"? I need them now and I'd gladly pay for them.


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I think you want to put that message in your world's Forum, not here. Either that, or come to Fairbanks, where I have them on hand.

Goober Pyle

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I live in Juárez world, server en23, so yes, I think I'm writing in my world's Forum.
He means an in game forum.
most worlds have a town that hosts a (informal) “world forum” for posts like a market request.
While indeed you posted this to the Juárez thread on the all worlds out-game forum, convention has generally discouraged using the out-game forum for individual In-game requests.

I’m not saying you’ve done anything wrong, but you aren’t especially likely to find what you are looking for this way.

The best response would have been “please redirect that to Juárez’s in game “world forum”; if you don’t have access to that, ask in the saloon who can add you”

Mark McCormick

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I've actually posted in my alliance forum back in my world, but with no help either, so I've come here as a last resort. Thanks for the help!