Rejected Make all outlaw set pieces auctionable

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Simply, 7/10 pieces of the Outlaw set are auctionable, but the horse, left hand and right hand weapons are not. Make it possible to sell all the pieces of the Outlaw set on the market.

Current Workaround
There is currently no work around as you have to keep opening (if you can get them) Loot boxes with the hope of finishing the set, whilst building up more and more duplicates.

Some people have 2 or 3 items of the Outlaw set, or of the special new weapons for adventures (e.g. Hanks) that they would like to sell to other people but they can't. There is no real reason why these shouldn't be available to be sold, just like any other set item in the game. It is stupid that some pieces of a set are able to be placed on the market, and other pieces are not.

Abuse Prevention
This isn't abusable as the items drop, just some people get more of the non-auctionable pieces than others. Why shouldn't people get rewarded for winning more adventures through the market instead of just getting stuck with unwanted duplicate inventory items.

Visual Aids
Add auctionable to each of the 4 items (knife, gun, rifle and horse)

Players are stuck with duplicate pieces of the Outlaw set that they cannot sell whilst others cannot get those pieces. Allow all pieces of the set to be sold on the market and not restrict it to 7 of the set items.

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Inno confirmed just yesterday that this will not happen. I can't say I'm disappointed (or surprised), but it would be nice to have some way to avoid amassing a huge stockpile of useless items.
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