Legendary French city awaits you :)

qi negatif


I am QI negatif , a french player who plays on the French servers including a world called "Bâton Rouge" . This world is a world that was born in April 2011 and where you can not buy skill and attribute points and I am here on this forum to offer something :D

Baton Rouge on I'm in a town called " Pointe coupee " 100% duel, which practice the majority 0% motivation. It is currently the second first but soon with nearly 420,000 points duel and about 800 000 points overall. ( OMG it's AMAZINGGGGG oO) ^^

I have not watched the other servers but I think our city is in the top 3 in points duel, and so today I come to offer you count among those who participated in making our city a legend of french and servers can be any the west .

So if you like the duel, we expect you to share good times my friends . Then if you are interested you just tell me on this forum directly on Thurs Even if you do not speak French , it does not matter because we all speak the-west 's language hehe : D

I'm sorry if my english isn't very good .:rolleyes:

See you soon my friend ! :laugh:


I don't speak french, so not sure how welcome I'd be or how much I'd enjoy playing on a french server, sorry.

qi negatif

Ohh shame but I totally understand ;)

But for people that language brakes, I can help you in dealing with your requests for trade or otherwise. Then in France English is the most widely spoken foreign language so you arrive at least make you understand even more. :cool:

Look me, I don't speak english but I think you can understand me (I think anyway ahah) :laugh:


death to the frenchies!
sacre blue!

now uhm yeah, i don;t still see what you wanna discuss here :D


What don't you see? He wants to recruit duelers from .net for his town on .fr.


Thanks for the kind offer qi negatif, but.....I don't know how to duel. ;)