Kristian Naim(Hodor) jams with MEGADETH!


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A North that's divided, surely will not stand
My mind erased, no more Wylis, foolish Brandon Staaark
The end is near, it's crystal clear part of his master plan
Don't look now to Winterfell, it might be your homelands

Hold the Dooooooor

Man's a legend.

Also worth mentioning this song by Killswitch that got me hype af for the Martells until they got D&D'd. :D
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6 steps to becoming a wannabe heavy & metal star:

1. Have some kind of background for extra fame
2. Next door kid stole your lollipop, look grumpy!
3. You need to look like America's most dangerous criminal, get tattoos!
4. Screech into the microphone
5. ????
6. Fame