KO'd recntley but dueled


First I am not complaining about anybody dueling me.

I thought if you had been KO'd you could not be dueled for 48hrs.
I have KO'd from Fort Fights at least every 2 days since weekend.
I was KO'd last night and KO'd again today midday.
Yet I have been dueled by 2 different people in quick succession at 7.01pm and 7.20 pm today.

Is being KO'd in a FF different from KO from doing jobs?
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The West Team
Yes it is, you do not get the 48 hour protection when you're knocked out from a fort battle, only jobs and duels against players can trigger that protection.


Thanks for the quick reply.
I guess the best lessons come expensive.
Been living on borrowed time and never knew, so in some ways got off lightly.

Thanks I shall enjoy my recovery sleep.