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David Schofield

Schofield Valley
Is accepting any and all persons whom find Battles, duels, Construction, and overall Community Organization enjoyable in the West. Help the town of Schofield Valley make a name for its self by establishing a place of dominance among the Western Range, as the Roman Empire did so many centuries before. Bring light to the west with superior tactics and help get this town up from a ground of 8625 Accumulated Points to something much bigger, more powerful, and overall Much more acceptable.

We are currently accepting any individuals who feel like being a member of a growing town would be an enjoyable experience. We are looking forward to you joining us, and may the light of the gunbarrel bring you to our doorstep, seeking to aid us in our quest to become the ultimates in the Frontier, and to start a new revolution on the World number 1.

Join today!

Town Administrative Positions Open:

Foreign Relations

Minister of Defence

Town Judge

Master Engineer