Independence Day - Fort Battles


The West Team
Community Manager
Howdy Cowboys and Cowgirls,

Independence's Day Event is running and in the next weeks, we are going to declare some fort battles on Awesomia fort, to give you the chance to win some extra fireworks for the event and the brand new Awesomia Chests!

This is the schedule of the battles:

Fortfight 1Fortfight 2Fortfight 3Fortfight 4Fortfight 5
World 1Sunday July 5thFriday July 10thSunday July 12thThursday July 16thMonday July 20th
ArizonaMonday July 6thThursday July 9thMonday July 13thFriday July 17thMonday July 20th
BriscoeWednesday July 8thSaturday July 11thWednesday July 15thFriday July 17thTuesday July 21th
ColoradoSunday July 5thSaturday July 11thTuesday July 14thSaturday July 18thWednesday July 22th
DakotaTuesday July 7thFriday July 10thMonday July 13thSaturday July 18thTuesday July 21th
El DoradoMonday July 6thThursday July 9thTuesday July 14thSunday July 19thWednesday July 22th
FairbanksWednesday July 8thSunday July 12thWednesday July 15thSaturday July 18thTuesday July 21th
GalvestonTuesday July 7thSaturday July 11thTuesday July 14thThursday July 16thThursday July 23th
HoustonSunday July 5thWednesday July 8thSunday July 12thSunday July 19thWednesday July 22th
IdahoTuesday July 7thThursday July 9thMonday July 13thThursday July 16thMonday July 20th
JuarezMonday July 6thFriday July 10thWednesday July 15thFriday July 17thSunday July 19th

The time of the battles will be late evening server time.

Both winners and losers will be rewarded with the same items so make sure to sign up in both teams to ensure a balanced and fun experience to everyone!

Have fun and see you on the battlefield!