Im bak after sevral months

tom paris

im back after i forgot my user and password and also my mail account password which is a really stupid situation.

i want to ask, who owns ETC and where is the led town (if any) for LG?:):blink:

The Pro100

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First thing: ETC has dissolved. Active Towns from ETC and WTA now formed the Rough Riders;
Miesta has come under the limelight, and RR + Miesta + Lonesome Dove + Spartan Cowboyz + Hoof Hearted formed the Resistance (sort of) against -TW-, -SB-, IC-Bank and Green River's campaign for world-dominance :)

as of LG, I don't know. You gotta find it out yourself!

Desi Boukerse

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well, imho you can just ignore the Wolfpack.
They are so desperatly trying to get forts back from FA, they have even come up to HH to help :p If you can't get your fort back with the help of your current allies, how is a town with 30 members going to help?

Kyle and his friends are trying, but they really do not contribute in the "world domination" of TW and SB that much

tom paris

who do hoof hearted represent?
and as for ETC if you serch on the rankings there qutie a few towns with the name and also you cant really form a resistance agianst -sb- or -tw- youd need many more towns and people than that and to control all forts and W1 is really improbable as you would need hundreds possibly over a thousend plaeyers to protect all the forts

oh and it you! desi bourkerse! HI!

Desi Boukerse

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We do not represent an alliance. And we never will.
This might sound strange, with allies and friends in ETC, RR or any one i forget.
But what it means is that we won't let our town being run by some high council on a external forum who tells us what to do. We are independent in the way we make our own deciscions. We did this from the start of the game and it hasn't failed us yet.

tom paris


so,you do not represent any allies?
if that is true and you don't want council telling you what to do then why be friends with allies that have these such ideals?:huh:

oh and btw still looking for the lead town of LG (legion of guns lingers):sad:no luck so far....

Desi Boukerse

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so,you do not represent any allies?
I never said anything about representing allies. You need to read before you write.

I talked about alliances. We have allies. It is damn near impossible to play this game without allies. I can't control the ideas of our allies.
Some of our oldes allies were in several empire like alliances, but they always supported us just as we supported them.

Good luck finding a leading town

tom paris

finding the lead town is hard.....:(
i have contacted 2 towns in LG no reply

tom paris

Found the lead town of LG its called LG headquarters, i must have misread when i was searching on the rankings.the leaderor president as she calls herself is "virginia"

"Sorry double psot :(

tom paris

oh dont be so shocked, i misread the first time i searched thats all, now for 0e0.....


no, ETC did dissolve. the towns that are left are what is left of it: basically nothing. those are the towns that were too inactive to be savable.

tom paris

although i just took ETC3 stfu haven and claimed it in the eastern coalition. :)
enough money to initiate several fort battles and good items in the shops :)

not bad. the guy who owned it gave it to me and left the game

pretty good for a free town