I think I'll need some folks in my town

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Hello everyone.

In about 8 hours, my town will be constructed (or reconstructed...because it is ghost town right now), and I assume that I will need allot of citizens.

I don't now exactly if I'll need some specific members.
Right now, I am almost level 12 :D.
Any suggestions are highly appreciated. Thank you.

PS: The name of the town will be Brasov (the real town where I'm living now...is in Romania - Europe :cool:).
PS2: Any user is welcomed. We will make alliances with everyone!
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Don't have any, but good luck finding members.. It's gonna be hard..


What happens if I am the only citizen? Can I extend the city by myself? I am a dueler.


Well, yes. You can build buildings, it will just take allot longer without someone with points in "Construction".

If your new to the game, you would be much better of joining an active town. It's pretty boring sitting alone in a town.
At a low level, you also benefit allot from having loads of fellow town mates around you to help you gear and other items.
So if I were you, id try to join a already large town. Atleast for a start. You can always move to your own town later if you feel like building one. Someone might even come with you to help if you get some good buddies.


Hi everyone.

I am now level 33. My town started from 2800 pts and now has 6250 pts. We are 3 members now :).


Update: Level 63 and 28800 town pts :)
Players above lvl 10 are welcomed! You will not need to help constructing the town, since we have a very good builder (38-40 Construction rank).


only me in my town and i have 49930 points and 1 am lvl 24. dueling lvl 28