I NEED A TOWN~~~~New but not a NUB!!!

DeadEye Roberts


I am DeadEye Roberts,

I am new to this area, and while I do not know the ins n outs of The West, I am NO Greenhorn or Spring Chicken. I am looking for a Good Town, to Start, maybe someplace that takes kindly ta strangers and Elps teach'em the Local ways!

Sup All?, Hey I am new to the game, but like my title says NOT a nub! I actively play over 20 Online games per day including some major MMOrpgs, (not kiddy games ie WoW) And I am in the top 5 in everything I do. and I will be here as well after I get the tricks of the trade down.

I am looking for a Town, Ideally with the BEST, but I know more often than not they dont accept new players until after the learning curve, so what I would like is a town, that chas Good players/people help answer questions and point me in the right direction. I ALWAYS contribute to where ever I call home, and would SURE love a Town!


DeadEye Roberts

Any Suggestions anyone can Give or advice about the reputation of maybe people or Towns I should avoid if I want to keep a good rep, I'd be greatful!


I will recruit You! Send me a telegram in-game, Sk8erman. My town is Solider Ville and heres the recruitment thread: CLICK
Send me a telegram of your intended class and how you will contribute to the town
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avoid jdeazy. he'll pwn you lolz. join etc, cause we know a lot of things, and can help you out a lot.


You would be very welcome to join my town Golgotha III please mail me ingame Scorpioneyes come check us out :)