How to found rare pants?

Mc Clane

Hi guys! Maybe someone can help me.... I leave the game for a while and now I can´t understand very well the new version of the game. Wich is the best job to find some rare pants to complete my collection. Waiting for your answer!!!!!!! Thanks! ;)

Colonel Sanderss

You could be more specific in your questioning, but anyway, I think I understand what you want.
Fristly, are you looking just for pants, or all clothing pieces?
The two luckiest jobs are Work as a traveling merchant and Ambush stagecoach, but neither of those offer any "rare" or "special" pants, besides named ones. For special event pants like Will Munny's you should take a loot at the market if anyone offers them, but they are usually very expensive. Hope that helps!

Mc Clane

I´m looking for Cheyenne's fur pants, Billy the Kid's leg guards, George Crook's army pants, etc to complete my collections.... And I saw in the page that you need for example:
This item can be found while doing any job with the following value in its luck range: $16100

But I think I have to reset my skills to get that luck in a job.... Am I right?


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Those items are above the luck range of Work as a traveling merch. The only way to get those pants is through a chest,or the market


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you can find cheyenne's as a drop, as long as your luck range is high enough to get them. the other 2 are possible to get through the market or chests (steel and premium, basically), or the weekly lottery.