How hot do you like it?

Tucker Blue

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i tried Dave's Gourmet Insanity Sauce in my 20's. It's rated as 180,000 scoville heat units. i put a dab about the size they use for the last dab on Hot Ones on a pork bite. Within one minute my head, not just my mouth but my head was on fire! Sweat was pouring out of it too. It was so uncomfortable i'll never do it again. Now i can't even handle a dozen veggie nuggets with Frank's Red Hot. i mean absolutely coated like wing night in pubs but Frank's Red Hot is rated 450 scoville heat units. For reference, the very first sauce they try on Hot Ones is 1500 scoville heat units. i would literally die on that show. i would have a seriously bad reaction. i would probably start puking uncontrollably, i'm not joking. Eating a raw Carolina Reaper would kill me i'm sure of it. My heart would just stop.

How hot do you like?