Hoof Hearted - LF New Members


Hello possible towns folk,

We're currently looking to expand our town, Hoof Hearted, We already have hotel and general store, with other buildings underway.

If you are lvl 11+ and think you can bring something worthwhile to our town, either drop me a line here, or in game (bigladrob).

You must be active, and be conversant in English.

I look forward to hearing from you.




Digging up this thread to let you all know that we still have a few spots available.

As you can see in the first post, we have been around for a while and we will be here for some more :)

So, if you are interested just send me a telegram here or ingame.




A miracle happened the other day.

One of the original founders of Hoof Hearted has restarted the game and is back home where he belongs.

You can join him and many others at this great town.


Although i am currently busy outside Hoof Hearted, you can still contact me or any of the other founders if you wish to be part of something special.


Still a lot of work has to be done.

And we could really use some more active players to help us do it!!

This is your chance to be part of something special.


Want to be part of the town with:
- the first placed player in the hall of fame at lvl 120?
- some of the highest ranked duellers in W1?
- people who stand by their ideas?

Come and write me a telegram. Others who were frustrated with the way things were going in their alliance already did. come on over and be part of something specail!


Join Hoof Hearted, a place where you will always feel welcome.

Just last week, i got a telegram from an old friend which i met playing Tribal Wars 4 years ago.
He wanted some friendly and active townmates and found them n Hoof Hearted.


There is something special going to happen very soon.. I can just feel it.

Join Hoof Hearted now and be part of it!