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Proposal: Highlight sectors on the fort map clearly when they are occupied.

Current Workaround: Remembering the area of every single sector.

Details: Either show sector borders on top of people in the sector or highlight a sector when mousing over it so the sector is discernible even if it's full of people. As it is now, you can only see sector borders in squares that are unoccupied.

Abuse Prevention: None

Visual Aids: Not pretty, just an example.

: When all forts were built, this was a minor nuisance. As it is now, where unbuilt forts are defended on the ground inside the fort in sectors choked with defenders, it's extremely difficult to know what sector you're aiming. Even when you have a solid knowledge of the map, it's hard to visualize which frequently results in trying to move diagonally, which means you're trying to move two sectors and can very easily move somewhere you don't want to be. Clearly defined sectors might also prevent people from falling off unbuilt walls while inadvertently trying to move two sectors.

I would just stick it out until all forts are built, but it will be a long time before every small fort is fully built and, until they are all built, attackers will tend to focus on the unbuilt ones.


This idea has passed the poll, and will be sent to the dev's.

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