Hero of the Tobacco Field

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I noticed this event was hosted on DE a couple of times and I think it would be fun to try on EN. I did my best to translate and also edit the idea for EN

Hero of the Tobacco Field

The players will attempt to beat NPC Enemies (Gamemasters) every day over time. There are points that are earned as you defeat the NPC Enemies. Whoever has the most points at the end of the 15 days becomes the "Hero of the Tobacco Field".
How would this event work?

Each registered player begins at Level 150 experience with their attribute and skill points. There is also one 14-days VIP medal given. Players can skill as desired and also choose a profession. There is no re-skilling allowed, so use attribute and skill points wisely!

The competition starts on Day 2. For the NPC enemies it begins on Day 1. They are always "present" one day before the actual competition day, you will find out their records on Day 2 and then you have to beat them.

Examples of NPC Enemy statistics to beat include:
- Most Construction points.
- Highest item find.
- Highest product drop number total.
- Highest duel damage*
- Most dodges in a Fort Battle, et al.**
...Of course we don't want to reveal everything in advance.
*The challengers will also duel you from time to time, and you can also attack them. They won't have any special dueling protection, but they can be KOed by players.
**If there is a fort battle, the NPC enemies do not oppose, but instead compete in the same fort battle as the players.

There are 14 total different statistics to beat.

The record from the NPC Enemies are 50 points at the beginning. Whoever can best them gets 51 points, whoever is even better gets 52 points, etc. To do this, the players their best report, and really only one, to a named GM. These reported results are entered into a table. It is up to you how many points there are, but there can also be points ranged from 49 points to 1 point.

The telegrams with the reports are evaluated the following day, so that a list of points can always be published by 6:00 p.m. server time.
All challengers are included in the table and you strive to be the best overall. Whoever is better than the best gamemaster at the end of the event, can also look forward to a little surprise. The new daily challenges are explained in detail here in the forum and be accompanied by short topics posted in the saloon chats on the server.

That sounds interesting. So, what do we do with the points?

You have to collect the points you have won. How many points can you manage in 14 days and 14 competitions?
For the collected points there are prizes on your main world after the event.


Collection points for the rewards at the end
(applies to all players)
  • 25 points = 50 bonds
  • 40 points = 80 bonds
  • 50 points = 100 bonds
  • 90 points = 180 bonds
  • 100 points = 200 bonds
  • etc. So, basically 1 point = 2 bonds.
For the distribution of winnings, the player will be rounded up to the next possible distribution amount. The distribution takes place in bond letters.

Overall Placements and Awards:

1st Place:
Title "Hero of the Tobacco Field" + Winner's Medal + 400 nuggets
2nd Place: 300 Nuggets + Fancy Chest
3rd Place: 200 Nuggets + Steel-lined box
4th - 10th Place: 14-days VIP
11th - 20th Place: 3 days VIP
21st - 30th Place: Fortune Cookie
31st-40th place: Lucky Chest of Boosts
41st - 50th place: Energy Box

The distribution of prizes takes place after the end of the event.

What is also important:
We also will need a screenshot from you at times to document your achievements, so you should know how do create and post screenshots.
You can create a screenshot as follows: https://www.take-a-screenshot.org. You must also upload the image saved on your computer to an image hosting site (e.g. https://imgbb.com/ ) and add the generated link to the named NPC Enemy in a telegram.

If you have any questions about this, please ask them here in the discussion forum before the start of the event world.

Rules to be observed:
1. Each player participates with only one account!
2. Sign in with the player name that you would like to use to have your winnings in your game world!
3. Standard The West rules apply. This also applies to duels!
4. You can build cities, form alliances, choose a profession, trade, erect forts, call fort battles, about everything that belongs to the game.
5. The fort battles for the competitions are announced by the game masters!
6. Unless specifically requested otherwise, you may only one report to a Gamemaster (as an in-game telegram). An upgrade is not valid. So be careful when you send the report! The closing date for entries is always 11:59 p.m. on the day of the competition! Only reports from the day of the competition count, no old ones.
7. As with every event in our event world, everything you acquire in terms of money, items, bonds, etc. remains in the event world and is not transferred to your game world!

And here are the NPC Enemies!

Sargent StonetombDisinterested HorseKermit SheetsSister McMurderfaceDante FishboneLady SchnurrtThe Lost Cook

We look forward to seeing you and hope that we will have a great time together and have a lot of fun.
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