Help bucket


This is the correct thread to ask for help with any external site or script that doesn't have its own thread on this forum.

Before you post be sure to check that:
1) Refreshing the page doesn't solve the problem.
2) The site or script doesn't have it's on thread in the Catalog, if so post in that thread instead.
3) Your question hasn't been answered in the FAQ, if so use the advise given there or if you have new information about that FAQ-item post it here given reference to the correct FAQ-item.

When you post, please include information about:
a) Your browser and its version.
b1) The script, its version and where you got it from.
b2) The website address.
c) What you expect to happen.
d) What actually happens.
e) Any errors you get.

I ask you to do all this simply because it will be easier for anyone that want to help you with your problem to actually give help.

Happy helping,

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