Hello !


I'm sorry if this is in the wrong thread, but i am a new player, and i am currently in Fairbank, yet it seems as if the world is empty, I am considering switching worlds, if thats possible, and at least on the forums this one seems alive. again sorry if this is the wrong place, but should i switch or just keep going on Fairbank ?


Fairbank is, as far as I'm concerned, the most active world. I can't say why you've gotten the impression that the world is empty, but it might be because of the empty Saloon chats or so. Those seems pretty dead, but that could easily be solved by joining a town and having access to the town chat which usually is more active.

Judging from the activity on this forum doesn't work all to well since this forum is pretty much dead. People doesn't really care about this forum that much outside of the changelogs. Most stuff happens in the actual game.


oh okay :) yes i was basing it off chats, i just started so i wasn't sure, thank you for the reply


Fairbank is probably more active than Briscoe, but not as active as Colorado or Dakota, which is pretty sad considering it's still a new world. You don't need to switch worlds, it's possible to play on more than one with the same character.


Who said Briscoe's The West forum was dead?
I've made close to 15 posts here in the last month and the squeaky wheel still hasn't been greased....