Hello! Where are you form?

Discussion in 'World 4' started by Jolgame, Nov 18, 2008.

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  1. Jolgame

    Jolgame Guest

    Hi. I am Jolgame.


    I'm form Korea.

    How about you? :nowink:
  2. Chinahero

    Chinahero Guest

    Im English but moved to China 4 years ago for work.:eek:
  3. rizafirdaus

    rizafirdaus Guest

    indonesian yeah...
  4. Lived2kill

    Lived2kill Guest

    I'm from the Netherlands and Kids, don't be funny cus U aren't imo:dry:
  5. Overalls

    Overalls Guest

    Baytown, Texas, USA.
  6. Nashville, Tennessee USA :)
  7. Well, I'm Mexican... I live in Mexico City; proudly, the city in Latinoamerica with more people, tacos and pollution LOL :laugh:
  8. Neyra

    Neyra Guest

    Canada here
  9. zobreizh

    zobreizh Guest

    I come from France


    I come from France:dry:
  10. Bugsy

    Bugsy Guest

    I R Frum da Land ov Oz
  11. well, you certainly are from somewhere special Bugsy.
    Fresno, California, USA
  12. Serafinos

    Serafinos Guest

    Born Lubbock TX
    Transplanted to Chattanogoa, TN in '72 :dry:

    Home is where the heart is ... IMMA TEXAN! lol

    BTW - anyone having trouble logging into the game on 4? :(:(
  13. Anastasis

    Anastasis Guest

    Tampa, Florida :D
  14. GermaZZ

    GermaZZ Guest

    San Juan, Argentina.

    Yep, tiny little town
  15. Wight

    Wight Guest

    i'm from Newfoundland haha.... Canada.
  16. -=FuBaR=-

    -=FuBaR=- Guest

    I'm from Cape Town South Africa
  17. I am from Canada. =D
  18. Desta Weleth

    Desta Weleth Guest

    Hi all! Nova Scotia Canada here!:D
  19. Bugsy

    Bugsy Guest

    You guys ever been to never never land? its almost as pretty as my home in oz
  20. jmitchell

    jmitchell Guest

    Casa Grande, Arizona (The "real" west) :)