Headless horseman quest

The final leg of the quest requires that you win 10 duels, then go to Dickson Forest and shoot the NPC. There is NO indication that there is a time limit or a time this quest is available until.

I waited until convenient for me, which was apparently about 6 hours after it was over.

There is no hourglass, no I dication of time available.

Can this quest be fixed and those of us that have completed the requirements be allowed to go kill the NPC and get that achievement???


The West Team
The quest will probably be available again next year, we'll look into the possibility of adding time requirements to the quest book though.

Snr Sarg

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I also had this issue, there was no warning of any time limit, now I have this unfinished quest on most of the worlds I play, cheers Inno, great work as always :rolleyes: