Harvest time


The West Team
Community Manager

Summer is slowly coming to an end to give way to fall. And like every year, the harvest season begins in the second half of summer. Oh, I am getting old and I don't have enough energy to do it by myself. It looks like this year I have to start looking for employees.

Someone must collect wheat ears, corn, tomatoes... Then it will be the turn of the tobacco leaves and pumpkins. With everything you have to make it to Oktoberfest, which... oh no, it is only a month to go!
Hmm ... Where do I get new employees? Maybe on the farm... no, his kids left him alone, he also has a huge land and probably will need help...
Did anyone say something? Are you talking to me? Oh, I would love to hire you...
Okay then, we will start working tomorrow right after sunrise.

From August 22nd until September 9th you will have the chance to find up to 150 of very rare wheat ears with a little luck while doing jobs on the map. Inside those very special wheat ears, you will find a small gift which may make your everyday life in the prairie easier for you. So, keep your eyes open! In some wheat ears, you will be able to find new quest items instead of a gift. You will need these items to finish some of the quests. To find the story, you should visit your friends in the saloon... What to do with the items that are left in your inventory? You can sell them on the market. This questline contains 8 quests. For finishing the final quest you will be rewarded with a special item and the achievement "Save the Pony Express rider". Don't forget to collect all 150 wheat ears in order to receive an achievement: Become a farmer!

What is worth knowing?

  • All quest items are auctionable. You can always sell them to your friends.
  • You can win bonds, one-day bonus medals, energy drinks like mate tee, life liquids, speed items like ground rocket turtle shell, buffs, a very old chest like weapon chest, and much much more...
  • You can find a "Farmer's bag" which contains a new collection card.

  • In total, you can receive 3 achievements:
    • Become a farmer.
      Find 150 blades of wheat during the Harvest time event.

    • Collect all the seeds.
      Find all seeds for your collection.

    • Save the Pony Express rider
      Successfully completed the questline "Harvest Time"
  • And this is what the quest items look like:

Have fun and see you in the game!

Your The West Team