Confirmed Gone with the Valentine's Day - BUG


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This may come as a surprise to many, but this quest was bugged in Beta, is still bugged in Beta, and is now bugged in "release" form.

Once you find Ashley - either with 50 jobs or 25 NPC duels - the next quest (Quest ID 2172) does NOT appear.


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We are aware of the issue, and have passed it on to the developers. We await a fix in the near future.


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i was told by support that there is a good chance that it would be fixed by thursday. I'm wondering if it is fixed yet?


The quest is still bugged! After finish quest id 2172- the next 2173 or 2174 does NOT appear!
Not 100% correct. The questline is still bugged for soldiers and duellers only, adventurers and workers can complete the questline.


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Same here... Soldier toons in multiple worlds are not able to continue on Repeatable Quest. My Advents are able to continue. (Haven't finished the Repair Covered Wagon part in all worlds yet, but the ones that are done, I don't get the next part.)

NOTE: My IFBC toon was able to continue with the original Gone with the Valentine's Day questline. So this seems to only be affecting the repeatable questline.


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My soldier in Arizona is stuck in the repeatable questline, but my worker in W12 doesn't have problems with it.