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Should we have the Games be visible again on What's new?

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Pankreas PorFavor

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If we could report the most important problems on all servers at the same time, it would certainly carry more weight than one CM doing it here, another CM there.
And stop opening up new worlds and putting several together.

"And does grumbling serve a purpose, does it really make things happen ?" ;)

while I do agree with what you're saying above. in a normal situation the system that is already in place would work. I mean, do you really think that CMs from .net, German, Turkish, Danish or any other server receive different feedback? all of them report about broken FFing, dueling, adventures to the same person, but they don't do anything about it since decision is - no investment in The West. so yeah, we grumble to keep ourselves entertained, CMs pass that feedback upstairs and nothing happens. so we grumble again and the spiraling fall to certain death of this game continues. sad, I know. it's hard to believe we've been saying this for 10 years already. it just proves how good this game is and what potential it has, but Inno decided to throw it away. not much we can do about it but grumble, so that's what we'll do :)

Alice Kingsleigh

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And so, for 10 years, the same story?
The team here can't do anything about it, except for the hidden games, ha ha ha :'P

You should aim higher, here it will hardly change anything except a not so good climate on this forum where people spend their time complaining about everything because they lost faith in this game and nothing makes them happy anymore.
And that's not going to make more people want to come here.
I'm not saying to stop either, but not to jump at any opportunity to do so.

I also agree about the potential of this game and sad to see that the only advertising is in the movies that are in the game itself (look for the mistake...)

To do it right, people higher up than our moderators and CMs should really come and play the game with us to see what's really going on, when you see the new sets they come out with sometimes, it's very telling of their lack of understanding.

And above all let their promises be kept, I'm still waiting for the new fort battle formulas announced in video for over a year and a half, etc....

There is so much to say and we are so helpless here.

Anyway, you guys are tougher than I am, I've only been here for a little under 2 years and I'm slowly getting tired of it all...


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Oh no, not official Community Based Feedback about a popular in-game feature from the one person on the team that does anything for the fort fighting community - that's NOT what the forum is all about, bring back the counting!
Yeah well you talk about lack of transparency yet you are for the hiding of the 'counting' games... :no: