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Friday Fortbattle (This just happened) :-D :-O

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Hello everybody.

I have some very exciting news for you all. After asking and asking.... and asking again ;-)
I was contacted by one of the developers about talk with fortfights and something about to many wanted to play ???!!! :p

Long story short, i had a great talk, and have been giving a "Yellow-ish-green" light for trying out bigger fortfights :-D
This means that we can now test Awesomia battles with a higher attendance so more players are able to join the fights, in general.

I am super happy to share this with you all. BUT it will be a slow start, This means i will declare a test battle already this Friday and the attendance will be
150 Versus 120 - Attackers :boone: Defenders

So a whooping 20 people more for the fight. And also to try and give a little to the attackers, since i have been made aware that the defenders might have it to easy :p
Now with time, this might be increased with even more people for the battle, at least for our 2 worlds, where we have many battle ready players who would like to be in on the fun.

So until we find a correct battle formula, both in attendance, but also in "Versus" setup i will look forward to make these battles for you.
Now lastly this battle on Friday will also have a different time frame than normal. The battle will be at 17:00 hours and ON ALL WORLDS AT THE SAME TIME So for those who have accounts on Colorado and Kansas world. I would be happy if you "only" attend the battles on this world. So we can be sure to fill all spots, to try and "crash test" the world. AND of course IF.... something should happen. I will have a direct contact with the team developers, to cool down the servers if they start to spew sparks or anything :-D

BUT as an internal testing. These numbers should have been tested. So we should be good. BUT this is also of course to let you all know about potential "bugs" happening while the battle is going on.

Wauw, long text, but this will be it for now. I will in the next hour set up the battles on the worlds. AND of course, WITH some rewards for all ;-)
Happy battle everyone.

Write in this new feedback topic about it all :) New Fortfight
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