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I thought it would be nice if the town's forum would work like this one, when we read all the threads at the forum the icon at the top would go gray and when there's a new thread it would be colored again.
That way if there are several forums you would know which one is updated and wouldn't have to go through them like you do today.


Yes this would be a nice edition. It is annoying when you know there is a new post and you have to click through every section to find it.


Very useful, especially when the forum is really big and its hard to find anything.


agreed. some towns have forums split into many different sub forums like this one, but maybe if there were an "opening screen" on the town forum where it showed all the new thread posts i could surf thru the info alot quicker.

we are whiney lazy good for nothing people you know that? most of our ideas are so we dont have to click like 2 or 3 extra buttons.

Oakley Jones

But if I devolpe a calus on My clicking finger , then My Wife might not find Me attractive .


lol oakley your wife doesnt find you attractive as it is :p you play silly webgames for a hobby... trust me i hear about it all the time myself. silly wives and their no fun or hobby having selves.

im proud of my clicky finger callous!


My partner actually plays this game herself now, because she wanted to see what all the fuss is about. She's now hooked!

She's on World 4 as me.

Anyway, bumping this thread because it's a good idea.



i definitely agree with this suggestion.

surely they'll add it.


Nope, because I play Worlds 2 and 5 ;)

I bet it's quite high. Tribal Wars was surprisingly high in my experience, and this is more 'women-friendly', for lack of a better phrase, by which I mean it's not all about killing the other guy.


No they are too busy getting the good jobs away from you see? much more important :dry:


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i think there's been a bug!!! i don't suppose to reply this→"i hope this would get implemented sooner...:indian: " here..its supposed to be on the other thread...

*i am sure ive read all of it before i posted but wat the hell is my post doin here!!!!*
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