Below me

Hi i just started playing here on Arizona again !

Played lots of worlds here on .net before but quit and only left my Beta account active but i miss the fortfights so thats why im back here once again.
( the fortfights in beta are to small )

So i was wondering if somone could provide me with some info about the fortfights and fort alliances here in Arizona ?

I started today so there is still time to switch to a different world if needed but this one seemed to have the most players.

Is this world dominated by one or two alliances who have all the forts ?
( like in so many worlds )
I don`t want that even hard fought fights are what im looking for.

Intended to build a all defense character here ( but nothing is set in stone yet ) so i will be looking to join a town with a few forts but im not looking to make the allready too powerful even stronger.
Best outcome i get to join the slight underdog to even things up slightly.


Arizona is dominated by one alliance with 2 just as big but not as dedicated alliances who seem to spend just as much time fighting between themselves as the main threat of an alliance. It seems that there are a few small alliances who annoy more then anything but I doubt they will ever amount to anything.

As for building an all defensive character for forts, don't bother. The most you will get from placing all your skill points in defensive skills can easily be outdone by a few buffs. Instead, build 80% health 20% dodge or somewhere you feel comfortable around there with a little leadership mixed in. You will last longer by taking more hits then you will by dodging/hiding shots now.

Fort fights have been reduced to a boring exercise of who has the most health and who doesn't fall apart under pressure with players not moving correctly or failing to swap (hiding and XP whoring). Certain leads offer some new excitement but almost everyone who leads is smart enough to figure out how to counter new tactics so they only work a few times unless one side is full of off-liners. But then again, if that is ever the case, the old leads work too and it's all boring again.