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Fort limit changes on Colorado and Kansas - Feedback


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Must be tough for CMs.
We must think a way, a safe way for them to do things but also not trespass the rigid boundaries set by inno.
We must learn from what happened to Hr.Nyborg. if all CMs got snubbed coz of that, we will get nothing in the end!!


The West Team
Community Manager
I am sorry for taking so long to adjust the numbers.

According to @Goober Pyle 's suggestion the new limits are:
145 attackers vs. 120 defenders92 attackers vs. 76 defenders46 attackers vs. 40 defenders

Thank you for your understanding! Please let us know how the new numbers for the medium fort are working, and if we need to try any other changes.

Harriet Oleson

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The numbers aren't fixed; they can be changed afterwards if there's problem with them.

Personally that makes me noticed the changes were asked for Colorado only and seems like it has been changed for Kansas too. But those numbers or others shouldn't change a thing : we don't manage to fill forts anymore since Las Vegas has opened.

Goober Pyle

The West Team
Fort Balancing Strategist
Thank you again for finally getting around to this; the past week has had some of the best battles since cortina came out.

I think it would be best to keep things where they are so we can have some post event data points, but Please prepare for an update request to be made after the FF on Nov. 21. Tentatively the expectation is the request will be for 94:78.

IF there is an expectation that implemeting this change next week will prove difficult, and it would be easier to implement it now please do so.