FF battles


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I don't care what you call it, as I've seen crazy telegrams, messages and all sorts of stuff about one person day and night.
Supposedly, that one person destroyed it all by himself. And the sole reason why this server lost its thousands of people.
Although, now according to Nova (just above), he is/was "just one person" :roll:

I wonder who will be your new hate source/fuel :boone:

Somehow, " Battles " are always enjoyable when you are attacking and winning every day.

Lets see..
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You twist the facts as you and your friends allways do.

Two years ago, one guy was harassing our alliance leader, telling lies day and night over months to destroy her reputation and make her leave. At one point, when he almost succeeded with his nasty cyber mobbing, we stood together and fought back.
Then your little group changed tactics and tried to destroy Idaho by saying Idaho is dead every day, first in Idaho, later here in forum, which you didn't do on other much deader worlds, just to get your toons migrated, and you didn't care at all about all the players who want to play on Idaho, because its their main world.

Again, here you come back and telling that we find battles enjoyable now that we win them. How dare you. You started boycotting FFs when we start winning here and there a year ago. We tried very hard to keep them up when all other alliances stopped digging all together, complaining about everything. When we lost again this year, badly outnumbered, while the winners were even alliance cross sharing forts to make absolutely sure we have no chance of winning any battle, we were still going and try to make the best of it for many months. It was hard enough on our side to keep up the morale. Now, you are losing here and there, not even decisively, you Boykott FFs again (yea, you were there today and three others, congratulations). What for? To show the new migrants from W1 how bad we are? And why are you comming back now, after a year of inactivity on Idaho, and then start writing here in Idaho forum?
Its just unbelievable. We just wanna play this game without drama, which you guys make impossible.


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Nice made up "we are the victim" story mate. Talk of twisting "facts"
I could make stories too but what's the point?
To show the new migrants from W1 how bad we are?
I don't think they need me to show.
And why are you coming back now, after a year of inactivity on Idaho
It's my business, none of yours.
But since you are curious, I've been vacation'ing in Colorado too.

Not the forums though.
then start writing here in Idaho forum?
Think about it. Maybe it has something to do with the way u started ur sentence?

Besides, this is public forum..