Farewell Comrades!

Da Twista

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Good evening ladies and gentlemen!

As most of you are probably aware already, I am no longer the Community Manager of this fine community. kuro90 will now head up the community of The West EN server! Good luck to him!

I started here on this very forum 9 years ago as a normal player - I came over from Tribal Wars and found The West. I continued playing The West instead, because of course, it is a much better game ;)
Landing up in the forum moderation team was just the start of my journey which escalated very quickly and me landing up as the CM of this community. It has been a ride, a good ride, a ride I will do over and over again!

But this is merely a farewell to the players I have managed to help (or not help) over the years. To those whom I've made happy, or well, upset - it was all in good jest nonetheless.

And not forgetting my wonderful moderation team (including those no longer on my team) that spent countless hours with me making the support team as it is today. Thank you! You rock!

Keep it real, keep it goin' - I'll catch ya'll ingame!

Da Twista


The West Team
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I don't recognise you without your red label. You've had it since I've known you. Good luck with everything and we can keep in touch elsewhere :)


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I'm going to miss you, DaTwista.

You did a great job with your Mod Team and .en won you a medal in the 2017 IFBC.
The energies and efforts you've given don't go unappreciated.
You carried a heavy stick that beat me on the head a few times, but you were always fair with it.

Via con Dios, mi Amigo....


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I remember the time when you were still a junior mod. That time seems so far away now. We've interacted a fair bit, ingame and in tickets and I appreciated you taking the time to answer some seemingly inane questions.

Change is always a good thing - you've been CM for an eternity now and I'm sure you will be much happier moving on to newer things :)


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Time marches on and with it comes change. It was a pleasure to have you as a townie in world 12. ;) (of course my name was different there)

Hope to see ya on the trail. :)


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Da Twista, I only know you through support but you have always been top shelf in my book. I wish you health and happiness on whatever trail you ride, you will be missed.

Sunset Rider.jpg See you round the campfire!

Mustang Kate

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Da Twista helped me quite a few times and he was always very prompt with his responses and clear explanations
of what was going on.
you are a great example of Community manager Da twista, always attentive with the players, I like your way of explaining the answers to the questions and doubts of the players, from the support team a hard work is done in order to improve the game, and have left your mark on the history of THE WEST, we will always remember you, I hope this is not a final goodbye and I wish you success in your future plans

see you later sheriff