New Fairbank Login Issue


Seems to be an issue again. I wasnt aware of it so sent a ticket thinking it was just me. I guess its not :p

MODs tells me its fixed, but i guess its not. Getting bad luck issues and 502 bad gateways messages. Oh well, no TW today. Its soon weekend anyway so might as well go to the pub :p

Anny Hudson

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There are various issues actually. Sometimes login identity gets changed. Sometimes chat messages are not going through. Sometimes chat will work but rest of the stuff won't work (like opening the rankings page or a report). And some series of streak of bad luck. And sometimes nothing works at all.

This is Dakota btw


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Can't get to El Dorado... 10 mins ago it threw me out and since then no luck getting back in...
Got the 502 page and now cant log in..

Edit ~20mins later got back in!
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Cro Sharpshooter

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We got rekt by Inno again woohoo. This is getting old...

EDIT: Seems to be fixed now, question is for how long

EDIT 2: 6 minutes :D
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