EYES OFF! The blind keyboard game!


How are u guys finding the tombola so far? I can touchtype aswell so don't worry about any spellings :D
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Lord Regal

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Touchtyping is hardly an issue...My main concern is i tend to type too fast for my fingers...I lack dexterity, which is why my delete button gets used a lot...so long as I keep myself in a reasonable peed, issues should be mininal...or that's the idea, anyway...

On the contreary if I type as fast as I want to, which is a good deal faster than what I typed above, my spalling tends to run out the windsows asn my brain goes a lot faster than my fingers arned capable3 of...like the above.


now did you write that with your eyes closed? if so,, then greay jon..

Lord Regal

Campfire Guardian
Touch typing isn't that hard so long as you don't go too fast. I'm typing at roughly 40 words a minute, maybe 50…if I were to speed up to my normal speed you may see some typos like I imagine are happening now that I'm typing at my full speed, but I'm still a fairly acoomplished touchtyper…it's what comes of being both a CS resident and a Computer Science major…I type all day practically :D


I would, but I'm Tiger. Not Toger. Toger can teach you, but he's away at the moment. So no.