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I'm sick of this slow RPing business going on I want a thread everyone can agree on. I want everyone to post an RP (or two) that they would most like to join. Not necessarily one that's already been made. Post the idea you would most like to be in! Everyone! And please don't ignore this I'm not just some one hit wonder from Prison Break. I just need a little cooperation!

Lord Regal

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Ok, I'm closing this for several reasons, as follows.

1. While we may be going slower than average, that does in no way mean we aren't having fun. Look at Penta W and how many RPers that are currently active are in there. That shows me everyone is agreeing on that thread currently.
2. This kind of thing would best go in the Active Roleplayers and RP section, as it has no clear idea on what you want to do (other than suggest ideas, and that's one of ARARP's main functions, to do just that).
3. If you're suggesting a total overhaul of whatever (I can't tell for sure if that's what you're getting at or not, so just to be safe...) then that should be expressed to me in a PM.

So while I'm really liking your enthusiasm, I think you're going about it the wrong way. Closed.
Not open for further replies.