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Hello, folks. Checking in after quite a few years. I am one of the players of old. Played with lonesome dove with a maxed out account in world 1 before they raised the cap from level 99 (was it?) to 120. Hell, back then, fort fights weren't a thing and now they seem to be the centre stage. Which I don't particularly mind.
I haven't played in years and just took a peek into Idaho. Boy, it has changed. I thought of playing again since I remembered this game and missed it like hell. But I want to know if the essence of the game still remains fair and largely not P2W? My friend told me that he has lost interest because its heavily infused with paid elements now and with enough nuggets, there is an unfair advantage to Prem players which the non-prem players can't dream of catching upto unless they shell out money too.

I don't mind spending a bit of money but I wouldn't like it if it dictated the outcomes of things to a large effect. That, to me takes the fun out of it. Any insights, folks? Can a guy looking not to spend a lot of money still stand a chance to fare well in ranking and general gameplay?


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Hi there and welcome back, great to see old players coming back for a nostalgia trip :D

Now I love The West, I'm a huge fan and stuff, but currently the way we improve our characters in the game is through loot-box style tombolas, played with either real money or sometimes in-game currency you can slowly earn. My experience with these events is that you have to spend a bit of money to complete the clothing sets, but it's possible to do it without spending, and a month after the event they can be bought and sold on the player market. If you spend a lot of money you can even upgrade your new set to become much stronger than the average player. These sets sort of killed the game, but the counter-argument is that this is a free to play game, they have to make money somehow. Also about once a year they open a temporary server where they run a classic version of the game you'd remember from World 1.

There are however still groups of players dedicated to overcoming the insurmountable balance odds in the PVP aspects of the game, with duelling it takes more organisation and having a team to back you up. In fort battles it means having to very slowly, over months or years, catch up to the premium players.

In summary: is the game unbalanced in favour of paying players? Extremely.
Can that be overcome? Hell yes, with dedication.

I may as well answer your other post too, it really doesn't matter what server you play on, Colorado lacks the option to buy skill points, but in 2019, I don't believe individual skill points are worth the cost compared to the ridiculous tombola sets. Idaho is the youngest server, so might be best to start there, if you are still interested in the Clown Fiesta that is The West in 2019 :)
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The essence of it all is that the tombola sets with wild bonuses(Was browsing tw-db.info. I have never seen any clothing equipment with this kind of bonuses :rolleyes:) are driving the direction and efforts of the players. They are THE things to get.
And the only difference you say between the restricted premium system of Colorado and the other worlds are purchasing of SPs? Which hardly matters as players would be better off going after the sets rather than spend nuggets stacking up their SPs one at a time.

Glad to know that patience and dedication can drive non-prems as high as prems potentially. :) That is reassuring, I guess? To a degree.
Somewhere along the line, Inno has to come up with a revenue model that is more consistent and regulatory unlike the old classic game where it was left to the players' whims. Cant expect it to not impact the game.

Thank you for your response. I will dive right in and see how I fit. :D


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Yeah, during the tombolas, the game basically gets put on hold so players can farm the event currency to get the sets so they can still compete in the game, which is annoying and makes me not want to play during the tombolas :D

There's a couple of other small premium features missing from Colo like paying to finish a job early i believe, but nothing that should effect your PVP gameplay.

I think the game as it is is what we are stuck with, and I've come to terms with that (even though I still do everything I possibly can to drive positive change), as has everyone that's still here after the tombolas, I guess :D


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and I've come to terms with that (even though I still do everything I possibly can to drive positive change), as has everyone that's still here after the tombolas
I think the ones have are less than the ones that haven't. It's a known fact that the game have lost/is losing LOTS of players.

They must do those "little" tweaks. Fort Fight Damage balancing to begin with.