Eagles Pass - Builder Required


:winkg: EAGLES PASS :unsureg:

Eagles Pass is a bustling town of 29 members and nearly 10,000 points requiring the services of another builder.

Town Currently Boasts nearly 10,000 points with the following buildings...

Gunsmith - 5
Tailor - 5
General Stores - 4
Hotel - 3
Mortician - 1.

We currently have 24 members who are all very dedicated and will certainly provide the funds to keep our new builder (as well as the two existing builders) busy.

If you are interested please email me in game (same name) and please include answers to the following questions, if you don't your application may be disregarded.

1) How Active are you
2) What can you bring to Eagles Pass
3) How will you benefit from joining Eagles Pass
4) How would you describe you character and/or your playing style
5) Why are you leaving your current town (if applicable)
6) Your skill points in Construction, Repairing and Leadership (if applying as builder)