Day of dead stuff unavailable in Xmas bags?


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Decisions are made with profit in mind, InnoGames is a company after all and without any profit this game would disappear. However, decisions aren't made purely based on profit, player satisfaction does play a key part in that.


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From my experience as a player who has seen Version 1.00, I can say things were different back then and in a sense, more emphasis was placed on player satisfaction. Sometimes there is an apparent disconnect between the top management at Innogames and the players. I certainly don't blame you personally for any decisions, you're the messenger.

Since they did go and put the items in the bags after all, I will concede Innogames does listen to player feedback. That's a good thing - but you guys can do it more often.


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If hamburg would wanna maximise profit they would remove bags and the turkey quest al together and let people buy pricey chests.

One cannot claim he waited for now to get the sets. I never heard someone at easter say to wait till xmas so he can get good items completed. Why would that be with dotd, when 2 out of 4 years it werent available, last time when the OP hp set hombre came out(cortes and the other set last year werent really that great).
Dotd is close on xmad, tradeable the update before xmas sale most likely.

Nor do I get the arbitrary thing.
Just because you dont like the decission, which sucks for some players, but still is reasonable.
I heard no complaints when the red soccer set came out, a ridicilous set for not even 2k nuggets...
Sure some people have the set complete, that is called nrg and pay for an advantage.
A great ammount of games have that in it.


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It is not surprising that the people who in the past have criticized inno for being too focused on making profit are the ones who now say that"they've reduced their profits " by not putting the DOTD items in the bags. I agree with what Wasa said, no one complained on sets like the red football set (yes, it's called football) or the grass set because it improved individual gain among the premium players,which is what most people here whinning aim for...and no one is blaming you.

Just gonna wait until the next nugget set so I can see how many people will buy it...or till the next tombola and see the lvl 3 upgrades. It's no longer about the health of the health of the game or the free to play players who are most vulnerable. It is often those nugget players who whine about such decisions and use the excuse that "it hurts the free to play community".

Alas,they've been added, everyone is happy, especially the non-premium players who will have an equal chance at getting them...oh wait.

When the premium players will start whinning about the gap difference in interest between the premium and non-premium player base,then let me know,till then... thanks for keeping the game alive for us poor people.



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Posts from Dec 2018:

Unlike lulu, I highly doubt this decision was arbitrary. Innogames has planned everything really well to maximize profit. First they opened a new world, then introduced a new nugget set (lucille horse) and then they made use of the DotD event's tedious and chancy format to introduce a new OP set. This created the conditions for people to spend a lot of money on the game. Through the event many people didn't spend money because they believed that the items would come in Xmas. So, Innogames went ahead and didn't introduce them, ostensibly to send a message to the player community.

My feeling is it's possible they will introduce yet another OP set in DotD 2019, only after then will people be able to get the DotD 2018 stuff in the bags. This isn't good for the player community, but....great for maximizing profit.
I appreciate your pessimism, but we really don't plan that way.
Posts in December 2019, beta forum

Leones said:
It's too close to the end of the event, if players know the items will be available again soon, they will be worth less.
Leones said:
We have seen that some of you are unhappy with the fact that we have no Day of the Dead items from this year available in the Holiday Sale.
The reasoning behind it is that we have observed that it promoted not even using the free cards during the event. Simply purchasing items in the shop a few weeks later is not what we want to make the most reasonable way to play our in-game events.
We would much rather see our players actively engage in the events, because that is what games are ultimately about - being played.
As such, we will not be adding the Day of the Dead items to this year's Holiday Sale, but we do not exclude the possibility of those items popping up in another sale some time in 2020.
Thank you for your understanding!


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Well, xmas event is kinda the only chance to "somewhat" catch up to nugget munchers so backlash is to be expected..
I wish we had the same backlash for the non-existent PvP balance etc too though. Or against extremely OP things like Union Officer bs at least..

Not that Inno is really listening. But maybe, just maybe they'd nerf it a bit.
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