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1.I have a burning hatred for quests with server time requirement so its a no on quests.
2.timezones already make it hard to find a good battle time for the majority so people would be stuck or just agree to not battle at that time (which would mean all the work goes down the loo)
3. and jobs will mean some people will be stuck in permanent silver while others are in hard mode
4. I always hate day and night in rpgs because it just makes things needlessly hard, even if just visually.
5. name 1 thing that would be better to craft at night?
I like to pretend that we live in the reverse world of darkness where the sun never sets. all in all I have no strong feelings about the idea, I would not much care if it does happen but I wish they would focus on adv maps and tons of other more real change than formula buff/debuffs
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sorry agfob but I dislike this intensely. we are in a world wide game so server time day and night would be really bad for those living in the opposing day night situation. also, there are a lot more issues that need sorting before this is even thought about. developers keep saying they plan to do this and that but usually a lot of what they do or plan gets either shelved or turns out badly and they spend years trying to fix the bugs they create. there are still some bugs in the adventures they have yet to fix. they keep going on about new adventures but with the bugs there already these do not work. as you say this is the second time round for this and I expect it to end up in the same round receptical the first ended up in (the bin).


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I didn't see this myself earlier,but I like it. Might some things a little bit harder for some. The job thing is my only quirk.Some job have unrealistic server times for job time frame to start or move to next quest.for instance father Brown has mid-nite(my time) to 4 in the morning. Won't be doing that cause i a m not staying up or getting up early for a quest/.I would like to have those kind of quest relative to out time zone,not some other country. But the other stuff,why the change.If it doesn't work out change it back


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Without going into the issues raised by others here, and ignoring my own personal opinion on the merits of the idea itself, this would be pretty low on my priority list in terms of things that need changing in-game. As long as we're bombarded by tombola event after tombola event, no amount of other improvements are going to have even the slightest effect on my enjoyment of the game. Even if I were to pretend that any suggestion the players have will actually be taken into account, there are other quality ideas among the hundreds that have been posted and ignored here that I'd choose over having a day/night cycle.

Like I said, I'm not saying that this idea is either bad or good, just that it's not going to contribute to extending the game's lifespan. There's only one thing that'll do that, and it involves scrapping the tombola schedule and resuming advertising. Well, two things I suppose... #wewantclassicwest

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I hate server time quests as well. While doing quests is probably my most enjoyable part of the game, when the server time translates
to 2 AM for me, I have to stop and the quest goes unfinished. I see no reason to require a server time for quests. Make it a certain day,
OK, everyone can abide by that without deciding do I want to set an alarm and get up at 1:45 AM to complete this part of the quest that
gives me 100 experience for a reward. ? That's a no brainer, and it spoils the whole quest for us.


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NO NO NO, a hundred times NO to day and night modes.
My RL time is 6 hours off the game time, so I miss anything that is supposed to happen between 0500 and 1400 game time. The only way around this is to set an alarm for the middle of my night, and ruin a chance for a restful nights sleep just for a game that I use as a way to pass time when doing nothing more important.
If something must have a time window, I would like a window of at least 12 hours.
The prank where the game went to night mode for a day was a horrible idea and made things incredibly difficult to see. If the game did that on a daily basis during the times I play it would be the end of the game for me.