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Crafting event 2022


The West Team
Community Manager
Dear Cowboys and Cowgirls,

The West is turning 14! As every year big cooking competition takes place in your city to celebrate birthday! Our annual crafting event is back.

Where to start? Visit Saloon and talk to your friends. Henry's friend have moved nearby and Maya needs some assistance as well. Are you able to help them?

Event will run from May 25th 12:00 to June 10th 12:00. To access new questline you need to finish questline "Save the saloon, part 2" and reach at least 100 crafting points from your profession.

Depending on your crafting profession, you can learn to craft one of these products:

IconNameBonusProduct requiredProfession
Sweet baseDuel motivation increase: 35%
Work motivation increase: 35%
  • Glass of water x6
  • Sugar x2
  • Oranges x 2
Field Cook
Fruit juiceEnergy increase: 20%
Work motivation increase: 10%
  • Glass of water x3
  • Berries x2
  • Blueberries x4
Tonic Peddler
Bottle cover+100% Speed
Uses: 10
Duel motivation increase: 25%
  • Leather x2
  • Wool x2
  • Tool box x1
Master Saddler
Metal bottle plug+30-30 Fort battle damage
+3 Multiplayer Attack
Uses: 1
Energy increase: 30%
Health point bonus: 50%
  • Hammer x1
  • Iron rod x2
  • Wood x4
  • Broken spur x1

After finishing the questline in every 24 hours, until the event ends, you will be able to finish a quest to craft Birthday drink:


Birthday drink bonus:
  • Energy increase: 100%
  • Health point bonus: 100%
  • Duel motivation increase: 50%
  • Work motivation increase: 50%

We wish you a nice time with our event! As always, we are looking forward to reading your feedback.

See you in the game!

Your The West Team