Crafting Event 2021


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Howdy Cowboys and Cowgirls,

The West is 13 years old, and what can be better than celebrating with an innovative dessert? You heard it right, our Crafting Mini-Event is back with new recipes!

Henry will be a judge at a confectionery competition. If you have an idea for a dessert you can join the competition and surprise Henry with your idea. Learn new crafting recipes and work together with other professions to find out if you are able to win the competition. In addition, if you are a master in your field (you have more than 750 profession skill points), you may learn something new from the master craftsman.

The Crafting Mini-Event 2021 will run from May 20th at 12:00 to June 8th at 12:00. You will be able to access the new questline if you have completed the last quest from the Crafting Mini-Event questline from 2020: "Submitting the cake for the competition (The cake baking event)"; which you can still do it until May 20th at 12:00, if you have missed it last year.

Depending on your crafting profession, you can learn to craft one of these products which are required for the innovative dessert:
(You need at least 50 skill points in your profession)
  • item_52505.png
    Red fruit aroma (Tonic Peddler)
    Energy increase: 5%
  • item_52504.png
    Dessert decoration (Field Cook)
    Health point bonus: 5%
  • item_52501.png
    A wooden cake plateau (Master Saddler)
    Duel motivation increase: 5%
  • item_52500.png
    A metal straw and a dessert spoon (Blacksmith)
    Work motivation increase: 5%

Innovative dessert in a jar will give you the following buff:
  • Health point bonus: 80%
  • Energy increase: 20%
  • Duel motivation increase: 20%

If you have completed the competition questline and you have at least 750 profession skill points, you can learn how to make one of these products:
  • item_52506.png
    A fever medicine (Tonic Peddler)
    +75-75 Fort battle damage
    Uses: 1
    Health point bonus: 40%

  • item_52503.png
    French breakfast (Field Cook)
    +75-75 Fort battle damage
    Uses: 1
    Energy increase: 40%
  • item_52502.png
    Leather saddlebags (Master Saddler)
    +7 Multiplayer Defense
    +7 Multiplayer Attack
    Uses: 2
    Active waytime shortening: 40%
  • item_52497.png
    Improved spurs (Blacksmith)
    +50% Speed
    Uses: 10
    Duel motivation increase: 40%

During the event you can receive a new achievement:

  • cake_achievement_2021.png
    Innovation in every field
    Successfully complete the questline "Contest for an innovative dessert".

Crafting Recipes
Recipe IconRecipe nameProduct neededCrafted product IconCrafted product name
Instructions: Red fruit aroma
  • Whiskey x2
  • Berries x2
  • Oranges x1
  • Blueberries x1
  • Ground coffee x3
Red fruit aroma
Instructions: Dessert decoration
  • Tequila x1
  • Glass of water x1
  • Whiskey x2
  • Sugar x4
  • Corn x3
Dessert decoration
Instructions: A wooden cake plateau
  • Wood x2
  • Nails x1
  • Hammer x1
  • Saw x1
A wooden cake plateau
Instructions: A metal straw and a dessert spoon
  • Hammer x2
  • Iron rod x2
  • Wood x1
  • Glass of water x2
A metal straw and a dessert spoon

Instructions: Innovative dessert in a jar
  • A metal straw and a dessert spoon x1
  • An empty jar x1
  • Dessert decoration x1
  • Red fruit aroma x1
  • A wooden cake plateau x1
Innovative dessert in a jar
Instructions: A fever medicine
  • Bottle of milk x1
  • Rum x1
  • Vodka x2
  • Green peppers x1
A fever medicine
Instructions: French breakfast
  • Ground coffee x4
  • Raw egg jar x2
  • Blueberries x4
  • Flour x4
French breakfast
Instructions: Leather saddlebags
  • Pocket knife x1
  • Puma skin x2
  • Horse reins x1
Leather saddlebags
Instructions: Improved spurs
  • Tongs x1
  • Border stone x1
  • Iron rod x2
  • Hammer x1
Improved spurs

Craft all the year!
Do you find our new dessert delicious and would you like to craft it even after our mini-event ends? We have got you covered! We will add the "An empty jar" item, which is part of the recipe, to the to SHOP soon after our event ends, so you can craft more innovative desserts. It will cost 28 Bonds or Nuggets.

We wish you a nice time with our event! As always, we are looking forward to reading your feedback.

See you in the game!

Your The West Team