Civil War RP

Ok so basically a RP thread based on the Civil War! The RP starts in 1861 and will progress at a decent rate. Ok so make a character sheet:

Army:Union or Confederate)
Group:Infantry, cavalry,Artillery, Medical)

and off you go :)


Name: Samuel J. McCord
Army: Union
Group: Cavalry
Rank: First Sergeant
Homestate: Wisconsin.

It was mid april, 1861, a few days after Fort Sumter was bombarded in Mobile Harbor, First Sergeant Samuel J. McCord was sitting outside the Company Tent of "B" Company, 15th Wisconsin Cavalry, in Falls Church, Virginia, just outside of Washington D.C. Soon, the Union army would collide with the Army of Northern Virginia somewhere in Northern Virginia.
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Name: Alan Parker
Army: Confederate
Group: Cavalry
Rank: 2nd Lieutenant
Homestate: Boston

"Bloody hell, we're getting our arses kicked out here!" "Where the hells our artillery?" "Ah, my leg!" The constant screams and shouts from the men were nearly enough to make Alan run away with his horse, but he stayed because of his duty. "MEN! Group up! We're making a charge to break out of here!" As his men prepared themselves artillery fire started up higher on the hill. Alan stared down at the Union soldiers who were grouped together, obviously not expecting a charge. 'Perfectly stupid these Union soldiers are' Alan thought to himself. As his men were waiting for the orders, Alan re-considered committing himself and his men to this action. All the thoughts of re-consideration disappeared when he yelled "Charge" and forced his horse down the hill. Alan nearly laughed at the faces of the Union soldiers cowering while Alan and his men charged by them. Alans glee was short lived, when his horse was struck by a bullet in the head. Alan was sent over the horses head onto the ground. He realised he had broken a few bones in his arm and possibly sprained his ankle, but Alan grabbed his revolver and started firing to give his men some cover to escape with.

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name:john grimes
"comon john".Cried all the bloodey soliders as the battle continued."Were running out of supplies".Said john "i dont care my men are wounded on the battle field and that confederate cannon fire is no joke". All the sudden in johns mind is death seeing people fall evrywhere dying crying for help.Bring in the cannones calls the genreal boom!! Roars the cannon smoke flys killing everything in its path then john spots a man john is working on a man named daniel jones one of his very best friends from the calvery. "h....hurry john please". john sees enemy troops he shouts to the the cannon gunner he shoots bodys are flying. the union troops are proud of john then they all step forward and hold them off but.many escaped but they could hav lost many more
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As Alan regained focus, he realised he was stuck undearneath a ruined artillery cannon. The weight of the cannon was forcing air out of Alans lungs. The sounds of battle were distant to Alan as he struggled underneath the cannon. Suddenly the weight was removed and the sounds of battle soon returned to Alan. He was suddenly pulled up by Private Quigley one of his younger cavalrymen.

ash 42

many union troops lay dead then boom!!!Thats not good john thought the canon ball hit the far end of the camp but john was sent to the ground. His ears could not hear he could not move "i cant go down because of this" said john crawling seeing a dead mans henry rifle he picks it up crawling to the a stone wall. The captain calls for them to hold there ground john has regained some power. To his body he can walk but he just crouches he is just sitting there waiting seeing he can not help the wounded they have ran out of supplies then the captain calls for the men to advance slowey they walk waiting for something then.
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"Keep moving" Alan barked at his men, as they trundled down the hill. Firing and reloading were the constant parts of the battle. As Alan slipped and slid part way down the hill. A Union soldier tried to skewer Alan with a sword. The sword went through Alans shoulder and the pain of the wound was agonizing. As the soldier lifted the sword to try another attempt, Alan felt as if his life was about to end there and then, but God hadn't chose Alan to die at that time, because the same soldier who had saved him from underneath the cannon thrust a sword through the mans chest. I owe that man my life now.

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as they were walking they were ambushed in no cover. John ran foward to a tree "dont stop now john" JOHN said to himself. He was in the front of the lines and he was fireing like a madman he had overheated two rifles. He only had his sword left they were being pushed back the captain calls charge!!! All the men are now screaming at the confedarte soliders there captain had called a retreat some old soliders were still fighting for the army who had just retreated John saw his chance one was reloading John ran up to him the old man. Was reaching for his pistol. John had sliced his chest alright men lets keep moveing to town calls the captain.
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