City Of Fire Recruitment



Seeking any and all players! New and old. Beginner and experienced. From all walks of life and at any level.

A town for Active people willing to give something to their town or alliance. As your town leader, it is my responsibility to preside over our great town. So, as your Town Leader, I am the voice of this great and beautiful city. But only together can we hope to reach our full potential. Only together can we be strong.

But who is Isabell25?
Well that's easy, am an ambitious human that believes that you need allies to be successful. I'm a Canadian, born and raised in Ontario. I am young but am able to lead us to the top. City Of Fire and her Alliance, Fallen Angles, may be small now.
But if you take a chance on us, if you join us now and help us build, you will be part of one of the most powerful organizations, one of the highest respected, one of power, that won't let anything stand in our way. We will crush our enemies and raise our allies to glory. So I, personally, like to invite you to come join us on our journey. It will be long, my friends, but when we get there be one of the ones that can say "I built that, I made this possible". We will rule over Fairbank! WE WILL BE THE TOP!!! COME JOIN US NOW MY BROTHERS AND SISTERS, MY FELLOW COWBOYS AND COWGIRLS!!! HELP US BECOME WHAT I KNOW WE CAN BE, TOGETHER WE WILL RULE!!!!

"Rome wasn't built in a day. But they were laying bricks every hour." - John Heywood, English Writer

City Of Fire Information:
Town Hall:3/10, 5%
Market:1/10, 3%
Residences:1/10, 0%
Bank:1/10, 0%
Hotel:1/5, 1%
Gunsmith:1/20, 4%
Tailor:0/15, 67%
General Store:0/15, 32%
Mortician:0/1, 0%
Church:0, 0%
Sheriff:0/5, 0%
Alliance:Fallen Angels
I will try to update the town information as I receive more

If you are interested in joining City Of Fire or Fallen Angels or would just like to chat, feel free to telegram me in-game or private message me here on the forum.
Also I invite everyone to check either me, my town or alliance out. Hope to here from some of you soon.
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Thank you Micky12
We are currently upgrading the town hall further, should be level 3 shortly