Christmas Gift

Big John1970

I didn't get one. Santa doesn't love me.:hmf:
And no - to pre-empt the question - I didn't get one on another world. I only play on W1.


You might have to open it at a certain time I suppose.
That's not the case. The item can be opened at any time. If Big John didn't receive it on World 1, then he can send a ticket in and we can look into the issue for him. As far as I understand, I don't believe that Innogames has a naughty list... I certainly didn't help provide them with one for .net...


The West Team
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You MAY open it at any time, BUT in the name of Christmas, wouldn't it be nice to have an extra present to open Christmas day??


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There was an in-game pop-up on the 25th that rewarded a Christmas present containing an assortment of the old Advent calendar buffs. If you logged in on Christmas and didn't see it, you should send a support ticket. Otherwise, the campaign may have only been active for the day.